Partnership Approach

Our belief, formed many years ago but just as strong today, was that a major failing of our industry was the generally poor service given to clients.

Lack of information, poor adherence to commitments, poor communication, lack of transparency – It simply makes for poor standards, poor quality and mistrust.

So we decided to do things differently.

We invested a large amount of time and money on the quality of our customer service staff and on account management training and systems. We developed a Partnering philosophy before it became popular.

It is built on shared goals, shared standards, lasting relationships, a desire for both parties to benefit from working with each other – and trust. It uses modern methods of communication and administration that substantially cut wasted time, misunderstanding and conflict.

We see our role as an integral part of our client’s company. We do all we can to ensure that their buildings and services work as efficiently as possible to achieve their business aims. We treat their problems as our own and work tirelessly to resolve them. This, to us, is the true Partnering philosophy.

We do make mistakes, but not many. Everyone at Skilz is committed to minimising these and to resolving them quickly if they occur. And we work to a set of rigorous KPI’s against which we measure our performance – and we ask our clients to measure us too.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • Team working with shared aims and objectives
  • Reduced management time for clients
  • Quicker decisions and implementation
  • Better communication and site productivity
  • Less wasted time
  • Less risk
  • Reduced costs

It really is the only way to work.

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