Understanding Your Business

childrens nursery building

Your Business is Our Business

We work with a wide range of organisations at Skilz and have developed an extensive set of skills and expertise over the years in terms of understanding how our clients operate. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that our clients excel at what they do and how they work, but, they don’t necessarily know how to get the best out of their property. And why should they? They are busy managing the day-to-day activities of their business, not to mention ever-changing legislation regarding health and safety and employment law, to name just two.

Luckily, property is our business.

Knowing about property is one thing. Understanding how that property relates to the services our clients provide is another, especially when it comes to health and safety. It’s why we’re trusted by child care establishments, hospital trusts and healthcare companies alike. Whether you are in heavy industry, a commercial operation or the public sector, there are three key considerations relating to your commercial property stock.

1. Health And Safety

Although when people tend to think of property the first thing that comes to mind is bricks and mortar, the fact of the matter is you have an obligation for all the people who come into contact with your building. Not just your staff, but also members of the public. Managing costs should not compromise providing a safe environment for the people using your property. Our advice, support and understanding is second to none when it comes to your business. We think about your people first and foremost – whether it’s an industrial factory environment or children in a nursery.

2. Lifecyle

Maximising your budget is essential for retaining a property portfolio that sits well on your balance sheet. Whether it’s reactive or planned maintenance; you can manage your costs over the life cycle of your property. And, it doesn’t just apply to property owners. We work with a number of leaseholders who want to manage their ongoing costs while satisfying any terms or their lease agreements. From office refits, to maximising space with refurbishments and property management; all the way through to end of lease obligations.

3. Environmental Considerations

As energy prices fluctuate and become a larger part of the ongoing running costs of your organisation, our understanding and implementation of energy efficiency programmes is helping customers save money, whilst bolstering their green credentials. The benefits are obvious on so many levels; from corporate responsibility to energy conservation and the associated cost savings over time.


Property is our business and over the past 30 years we have developed the trust of our customers to help them make the most of theirs, especially with the growing need for organisations of all sizes to be agile in their commercial approach. By combining our knowledge of what we do, with our understanding of what our clients do, we are more and more relied on as the quality property partner of choice in Hampshire and the South East.

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