Investing In Future Engineers

April 17, 2014

As experienced as our team is at Skilz, we also recognise that we all had to start somewhere, which is why we are always keen to invest in good people.

Neil Watts at SkilzA great success story in that respect is Neil Watts, who returned to us in his late 20s and is now excelling as an electrical installation apprentice, recently winning the RH Foster Award for the best level 3 student.

Neil originally worked for us in his early twenties, but left for other work as an engineer. Getting made redundant made him reassess his career and came back to Skilz, initially through an agency, but soon impressed us with his dedication to his career.

“I regretted it forever, and then had the opportunity of starting again and I grabbed it. I’m lucky to get two chances.”

Ian Squires, Skilz Managing Director, is also keen to help young people gain a foothold in the trades:

“Neil is proof that there are plenty of keen, young people looking for the opportunity to get into a trade. As a business, it offers us a great balance as we look to the future, combining college and on-the-job learning.”