Design & Build

Improving your building can be a daunting task. There are a multitude of detail and administrative considerations – local authority planning, fire officer requirements, health and safety issues and many contractors, suppliers and materials to co-ordinate.

project-teamWe have a multi-disciplinary design and contract management team who are able to take your brief and deliver your project with a single point of responsibility to reduce risk and overall costs. Research consistently shows that design and build results in projects being delivered up to 40% quicker and at a reduced overall project cost.

And the long term energy and maintenance efficiency of a building needs to be considered and built-in right at the design stage – to ensure that the building is genuinely future-proofed and achieves a long and efficient life.

All this can take a considerable amount of management time with plenty of pitfalls and opportunities for things to go wrong.

But we can do it all for you. Risk is reduced because it’s what we do every day of the year – and we can save you a substantial amount of management time whilst always ensuring you know what’s going on.

We can do it from start to finish, whether it’s a dilapidation schedule, improvements to your existing site or a relocation. Our team of building professionals can turn your ideas into a clear specification and project plan – and then into reality. We’ll work to your budget and advise you on the lifespan of your buildings and on future maintenance requirements and costs.

Our aim is always for 100%: defect free, on budget, on time. And we’ll leave you with a full briefing, operational information and everything you will need to know to maximise your building’s ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.

And, of course, our facility services team can provide maintenance and management support throughout the building’s lifetime if you wish.

Design & Build

  • Project planning
  • Project and building appraisal
  • Project cost management
  • Skilz Project delivery model
  • Skilz facilities services ongoing support
  • Project finance

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