Our many years of partnering experience – combined with our expertise across all building maintenance disciplines – has enabled us to devise and develop the ultimate integrated building maintenance programme. It is called Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is based on the Partnering approach. It improves safety and significantly reduces planning and lead times. It reduces risk for owners or users and releases them from the management time inherent in properly looking after a building.

Cornerstone takes responsibility for all the organising, administration and the provision of skills required to maintain, upgrade and refurbish a building throughout its entire life – and each Cornerstone programme is tailor-made for the particular client and building. Each Cornerstone client has their own account manager to provide regular business reviews and are provided with open book accounting and full audit trails to ensure transparency.

The key benefits to a client are:

  • Specialist support – a full range of specialists operates as an integral part of your resources
  • One point of contact – provides simple and efficient communication
  • Advice – immediate access to advice from experts familiar with your building
  • Fast track service – implementation of all design and building is significantly speeded up
  • Design quality – ‘fit for purpose’ design and well-engineered solutions
  • Safety regulations – compliance with complex construction safety regulations is assured
  • Cost clarity – clear costings enable informed decisions and effective budget control
  • Reduced risk – less risk for owners and users, reduced management time and peace of mind
  • Reduced cost – overall maintenance costs can be reduced by as much as 15%

Cornerstone is a truly integrated building maintenance programme. It is the most reliable and comprehensive maintenance option to maximise a building’s lifespan and reduce management time and risk.