Planned Maintenance

Properly planned maintenance is the key to achieving the maximum life of a building’s fabric and services, to minimising running costs and to ensuring you meet your statutory obligations as an owner or user.

A planned maintenance programme protects the value of your assets, reduces risk and also reduces emergency call outs and their associated disruption. And – more and more – the existence of a planned maintenance programme will influence insurance companies when calculating insurance premiums.

But more than this, planned maintenance can also save up to 40% on ad hoc or reactive maintenance. And this is real food for thought when you consider that even a small headquarters office building will cost over £2m to maintain over ten years.

Our planned maintenance programme fully integrates and coordinates the maintenance of all aspects of your building – the building fabric, plant efficiency, energy management, and the implementation of all H&S legislation. Our regular building and plant maintenance check-list extends to 1500 individual checks for an average building.

Our first step is to provide a comprehensive survey and advise the client on the appropriate maintenance schedule and costs for their particular building. We then produce an annual maintenance plan with all rates clearly stated and agreed.

This plan is continuously monitored, refined and improved if necessary and all actions are automatically implemented and the client is kept fully in the picture. We make sure that everything that needs to be done is done – and to a defined and disciplined schedule by a skilled team who are fully conversant with the building and site.

Our planned maintenance programmes ensure latest legislation updating, incorporate full auditable records and are designed to maximise the performance of a building and to reduce client management time.

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