Trios Skilz Rises to the Challenge!

November 26, 2014

Trios Skilz were delighted to be appointed by Festival Place to remove a staircase and install a new escalator; to further enhance the shopper experience by creating a new, bright, open and welcoming space and help the traffic flow between the retail and leisure areas.

The installation was not without its challenges: A major storm drain, part of Thames Water’s infrastructure, had to be bridged to support the bottom of the escalator, which meant driving piles deep under the Shopping Centre. Much of the activity was planned overnight to minimise any disruption to both the retailers and the shoppers.

Fast Track Programme – Following Preliminary Investigations, the works were programmed and the new escalators were up and running following an 8 week construction period.

Then there was the bank job: The steel frame supporting the escalator landing on the first floor had to be braced back into the bank – which meant working in the bank overnight.

The new escalator was up and running on the 11th November. Successful delivery was ensured by the drive of the Trios Skilz contract delivery team of Richard Squires, Roderick Elliott and Steve Collins, with assistance from key Trios Skilz engineers and the backroom team. Critical to the success of the project was the support from the Festival Place Centre Management team.



Above: the new escalator

Below: the old staircase