Weathering The Commercial Property Storm

March 12, 2014

Flooded Commercial PropertyMost of us haven’t had to look too far to see the impact of recent localised flooding in the UK. In fact, less than a mile away from the Skilz office in Basingstoke many homes were evacuated in January and families are still suffering from the devastation caused by the rising levels of water in the area.

But, it’s not just the flooding itself that has caused problems. And, it’s not just families that have been affected. With the relentless rain and wind, many commercial properties across the country have been tested against the elements, with some not fairing as well as others.

Responsive Repairs

Some commercial tenants, landlords and managing agents have had a busy time trying to minimise disruption to their operations all the while trying to ensure that building repairs caused by bad weather are carried out quickly and efficiently.

For those unlucky clients that have been affected, our customer care team has been on-hand delivering quick and efficient response times, managing property repairs with as little disruption as possible. From leaking roofs, rising water through walls and water drainage systems struggling to cope – the team have had a busy couple of months.

Managing Disruption

We find there are two immediate issues when commercial property becomes damaged by weather.

  • Firstly, there is your staff and the implications that a damaged building may affect their working conditions. Health and safety concerns should always be a high priority for the well-being of your employees.
  • Secondly, there is the commercial factor – disruption to your business operations. Obviously, it is essential to get the repairs carried out as quickly as possible so things can return to normal. But, this in itself may cause further disruption in the short-term.

Our many years experience of working in a number of delicate environments, such as schools and hospitals, enables us to plan building repairs around customer requirements with minimum disruption.

Whether it’s quiet or out of hours working, we understand the pressures that face all business owners during the process of getting back to normal.

Hopefully, with the onset of Spring, the waters are beginning to clear and many of the repairs that were caused by bad weather have being fixed. Unfortunately, it may take a little bit longer for many businesses and homes to get back on track and we send our best wishes to anyone who as been affected but the recent weather.